The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction Is Always In Play!

I don't know about you, but when I travel, I always try to entertain positive thoughts and positive outcomes in my mind. There is no sense in focusing on situations with negative outcomes, or expecting things not to work out. Sure, you have to be realistic, but sometimes, instead of being realistic, I opt to be overly optimistic and positive. What can I say, you can call me a dreamer. It is unrealistic at times? People may say so. Life is all about perspective. It's all about the lens that you want to wear. Whatever you see in your mind, you will likely see materialize before your eyes. Thoughts becomes things. Every "thing" that exists in this world, started with an idea.

There is one quote that sums up the law of attraction perfectly for me. The quote is from Bob Proctor and it reads

"If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand." - Bob Proctor

It is beautiful, and it speaks to how powerful and important the mind is in your quest to attract into your life what you desire. Thoughts become things, and that's why it's so important to become aware of the thoughts that exist in your mind. Every single thought you have is creating your future, right now.

How To Apply the Law of Attraction When You Travel

Like Attracts Like

This is one of the most important concepts about the Law of Attraction to be understood. Like attracts like, and you are going to receive from this Universe what you put out into the Universe! We have all heard the expression, 'You get what you give,' and it is true at it's most fundamental level. That is why when I travel, you will notice the following tendencies from me:

  1. Always Be Polite, Kind, and Respectful - If you are polite and kind with people, they will treat you with the same respect!
  2. Try to Find Reasons to Compliment People
  3. Always Try to Smile - Smiling is contagious, always remember to smile and pass it on. You never know whose day you may change 😀

Expect Positive Outcomes

As discussed earlier, it's very important to imagine positive and desirable outcomes for yourself.

Be Clear and Direct with Your Goals/Expectations

It is very important to provide clear and concise requests to the Universe. If you want to reach a specific goal, define it, speak it into existence, and then really BELEIVE it. The last step is important.