Europe 2012 – Interlaken, Switzerland

Switzerland was one of my favorite spots on this trip! I booked a hostel in town for the night, rented a mountain bike from a local shop, and set my sights on the mountains! I biked out of town, through a couple small towns along a very fun, and challenging, bike trail.

The trail took us through rolling rivers, waterfalls, and steady inclines until I found myself at a Gondola in a place called ‘Laurerbrunnen.’

From Laterbrunnen, I took a gondola up to another couple hundred meters and continued my trek from there. It was a heck of a workout, but the views were mesmerizing. There is much greenery, free-flowing rivers, waterfalls, and mesmerizing rockfaces of all the mountains.

Switzerland was one of the cleanest cities I visited in Europe. The air that you breathe is just… different out there! Have a look at some more of these pictures:

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