Europe 2012 – Madrid & Barcelona, Spain

Madrid & Barcelona, Spain – June 12, 2012 – June 14, 2012

Spain was fanstastic! After a couple days in Lisbon to kick off the Euro-trip, we both took an overnight train from Lisbon, Portugal to Madrid, Spain. Overnight trains are available in case you want to sleep on the train to save yourself some time, so that’s what we did. There wasn’t a ton of space, but it was enough to get a good nights sleep in before the next days adventures. In Madrid, we grabbed a hostel in one of the main plaza squares, walked the town, and had dinner in the square. One thing I do remember from my stay in Madrid was trying to get some sleep at about 11pm in the main square, which was impossible because the plaza was full of people having dinner and drinks! Apparently in Spain, it is normal for people to have dinner late into the evening and even around mid-night! Pretty cool! Here are some shots:

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